Cover Material Options
L01 Black
L02 Navy Blue
L03 Haze
L04 Burgundyk
L05 Ocean Blue
L06 Hazlenut
L07 Beige
L08 Snow White
L09 Pearl White
N01 Driftwood
Cover Pattern Styles
For standard styles kindly check here or contact us to get a PDF version of all the styles
Custom covers also accepted, email your design to If need our help on this, feel free to get in touch!
Inside layout templates
Normally 1-4 pictures are suggested to put on 1 spread, below are layout options for 2-4 pictures. When sending your photos, mark the template code you would need, for example Spread 3-pictures 3-1,3-2,3-3, template T2, we will make e-proof accordingly. Know more about proof service