Photo albums

1. What’s the difference between a photo book and an album?

2. What type of printing do you use for images?

3. What materials are offered for the cover?

4. What are the paper options?

5. Can the cover be customized as well?

6. How many photos can be included in an album?

7. What sizes are available?

8. How many pages are included in an album? Is there a limitation on max page numbers?

9. Do you print and bind?

How to place an order

1. How should I send my images to you? What type of images do you require?

2. Do you offer layout templates options?

3. How should I inform you of the image layout we want?

4. Will you offer proofs before printing?

5. What’s the turn around?

6. If I need to do a custom design for the cover, what kind of file should I submit?

7. If I choose your standard design but need just a small change, is that ok to do?

Our service

1. Do you offer samples?

2. Is it OK to use your pictures on my website/social media for advertising?

3. Is your layout service free?

4. Will you use my images without authorization?

5. Can I do customized samples?