What makes our luxurious album high-end?

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Giclee printing

12 pigmented inks to achieve wider range of colors,

Longer lifespan, 100 years without fading

Perfect recreation of every detail.

Digital printing

4 or 6 dye-based inks, less sophisticated color range

Can only last 5-20 years.

Looks good in general but details distorted


Light-sensitive formula coating

Protects photos fading from light, acid or air.

Advanced skin-touch feeling

No reflection, retain the original visual effect from every angle.

Unrecognizable graininess

Cheap and visible film.

Reflection affects viewing.

Faded as time went by.


Sole vendor of full colors customization on leather cover

Combine and luxury and personalization.


Traditional leather with names customized only.

Hard cover which is easily worn out.


Flush mount

Completely seamless

Flush mount

Noticebale seam

Inner layer

Top quality photographic paper plus premium-grade PVC board

Stiff, moisture-resistant and more durable

Regular matte, shimmer or cotton paper plus non-ecofriendly sponge

Easy to absorb moisture and deform, feel cheap in hand.